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China blogs: World Cup results in; meet the censor; U.S. soldiers guide to China

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Image from the 1943 U.S. Soldier's Pocket Guide to China, via Sinopop

On the Chinese internet this week one post has stood out from the others, so much so that at one point it was generating five pages of comments per second. Why? "Brother Future" claims to have predicted this weekend's World Cup final between Holland and Spain. ChinaHush explains, and EastSouthNorthWest tries to figure out if it's all a clever promotional campaign.

And if you are feeling sadomasochistic or just plain masochistic, depending on your nationality, and you want to visualize China's footballing failures, then head on over to Chinfographics, where they have made a handy graphic showing you just how badly the Chinese football team has performed over the years, even just compared to other Asian nations.

While football doesn't seem to work for China, it might offer a ray of hope for North Korea. Forbes' the China Tracker blog looks back to the era of ping-pong diplomacy in China and asks if the the same sporting medicine could help the DPRK's international relations.

What happens when you're a foreigner on Chinese state-owned radio, and you meet your censor? Give a shout out live on air and see how he does or doesn't respond? Go to Justrecently's Weblog to see what happened.

For our American readers, of course there are China blogs this week looking for any connection between July 4 celebrations and China. The Useless Tree speculates on how a Taoist would view Independence Day, and Jottings From the Granite Studio traces the history of the Declaration of Independence in Chinese. Meanwhile, Sinopop uses the opportunity to share some little pearls of wisdom from the 1943 US Soldier's Pocket Guide to China - which, forgiving the cartoons, contains some advice that is still useful today.

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hahaha... 'brother future' got it wrong. Paul the octopus triumphs again. LISTEN TO THE OCTOPUS!

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