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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: All-you-can-eat BBQ at Sandra's
This week's barbecue at Sandra's will feature an assortment of Australian steaks. It starts at 6pm and costs 150 yuan for men and 100 yuan for women. Call 15825267010 for reservations.

Friday: Punk rock at The Hump Bar
Punk band Cash Boys will play at The Hump Bar tonight. The free show starts at 9pm.

Friday: Nevada Lundemo at Ganesh
Veteran Kunming rocker Nevada "aka John" Lundemo will have a solo performance at Ganesh Bar & Restaurant tonight. Lundemo will play original songs as well as covers of "good stuff from obscure places." The show is free and starts at 10pm with small Beer Laos for 10 yuan and large Beer Laos for 15 yuan.

Friday: DJs at Uprock
DJs Moyo and Klutz are headlining at Uprock tonight. The party starts at 10pm with a 10 yuan entry fee.

Saturday: Reggae party at Laowo Bar
Laowo Bar, which has reportedly been remodeled and given a badly needed new bathroom, will have a reggae party with DJs Yang'er, DD and Niechang on Saturday. They have also added Beer Lao to their offerings at 10 yuan for a small bottle. Entry to the 8:30pm party costs 5 yuan.

Saturday: Latin party at The Hump Bar
The Latin party at The Hump Bar on Saturday will feature 10 yuan tequila shots. The free party starts at 9pm. ¡Arriba!

Saturday: Ladies night at Uprock
Saturday's party at Uprock will feature DJ Shonny and DJ Yosof. The free party starts at 10pm with ladies receiving a free whiskey and coke before midnight.

Sunday: Mother's Day open house at Yutao Yoga
Yutao Yoga will hold an open house on Sunday with free yoga training, meditation, mantra and tea. The open house runs from 10am to 12pm.

Sunday: Brunch at Sandra's
Brunch at Sandra's on Sunday will include the usual Sandra's brunch specials plus bloody marys. The price is 85 yuan per person. Call 15825267010 for reservations.

Sunday: Movie screening at Yuansheng Studio
Yuansheng Indigenous Music and Dance Studio will have a free showing of the film "Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country" on Sunday at 2pm.

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I would like to thank all of the people who came to my gig at Ganesh last night. Thanks to Piers, Xiao Hu and the Ganesh staff and to Xiao Kris for his great work on the sound board.

I think Ganesh is a nice small venue where Kunming musicians can express themselves and share their creativity.

It was a wonderful night!

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