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Rally and rave in Jinggu

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Jinggu? Where the hell is Jinggu?
Jinggu? Where the hell is Jinggu?

A three-day, 450-kilometer motor rally will take place beginning this weekend in the Jinggu Dai and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, located northwest of Simao in southern Yunnan. The Chuanyue Jinggu rally will take place from Sunday the 24th through Wednesday the 26th.

The invitational motor rally will feature around 60 cars and will be centered on the forest preserve in Jinggu, one of China's largest. Event organizers claim that while there have been rally races in China before, this is the Middle Kingdom's first adventure-style rally.

The rally's winner will receive prize money, which is intentionally small to keep the competitive spirit down as the paths used in the race are quite dangerous.

There is also word that a large rave will be held 23rd in Jinggu - organizers are expecting around 20,000 to attend.

Info about the rally is available (in Chinese only) at the site cyjg.com. The rally and rave are both free, if you are interested in attending and need directions, contact Matti at 131 8788 2834.

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