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China blogs: The Google, the bad, and the ugly; 17 years of cinema; rich women

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There's been more than a flurry (perhaps we could call it a sandstorm) of posts about Google's move in redirecting Chinese users to the company's Hong Kong-based sites. To pick a few, Qian Gang at the Chinese Media Project takes an overall positive view of Google's move, while Kai Pan at China/divide is, as always, much more skeptical, calling those "cheering Google on for uncensoring their search results for the Chinese masses" idiots. ChinaSMACK has been racing against the censors to publish both pro- and anti-Google netizen reactions, and China Digital Times translates the directives from the "Ministry of Truth" that caused the mass deletion of pro-Google comments.

There's a great round-up of China's overlooked "Seventeen Years" (1949-1966) of cinema over on China Study Group, name-checking a ton of movies in between rants decrying those who dismiss the movies as crude propaganda.

And Shanghaiist tries to figure out what's so special about China's most successful businesswomen, who represent a very respectable 50 percent of the world's female billionaires (of which there are only 14).

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