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China blogs: Naked government, a naked man, and sewer oil

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As GoChengdoo noted earlier this week, Baimiao village in Sichuan has been experimenting with "naked government," and that doesn't mean what you might think it does. What it does mean is that all government expenses have been made available online for the public to scrutinize. ChinaHush has some details (65 percent spent on booze and dinners!) and the normally snarky Chinahearsay welcomes the news.

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It seems we can't go a week without a ChinaSMACK post. This week, it's a strange one about a naked man attempting to lift up a taxi ... . Why? After finding out the reason, you probably won't be any the wiser.

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Few people seem to know much about the upcoming Shanghai Expo, and even fewer have a strong opinion about it. So if you want to decide what to make of it all, Danwei has commissioned a for and against: a rare opportunity to interact with cultures from around the world, or the biggest pile of banknotes ever to have gone up in flames? And to make a more informed (and aesthetically aware) decision, check out the pictures of expo pavilions gathered together at Lost Laowai.

If you've ever eaten hotpot or some street food from a grimy stand, you've probably wondered how they afford all that oil, and how many times that oil has been used. We don't want to put you off eating out, but this ChinaHush story will definitely put you off your food: Apparently, to keep costs down, restaurants have been buying "drainage oil." Yes, that's oil that's been scooped up from a drain. For strong stomachs only. Bon appétit!

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