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Yunnan Honghe Bulls kicked out of CBA

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It's official, the Yunnan Honghe Bulls (云南红河奔牛) have been booted from the China Basketball Association (CBA) for the coming season as punishment for failing to pay wages and debts, according to a post on China Sports Review.

Zhang Xiong, the director of Chinese basketball governing body Chinese Basketball Management Center bluntly criticized the club's manner of conducting business.

"Yunnan's poor business operation last season resulted in unpaid wages for players and coaches and a negative impact on the league," Zhang said.

The Bulls joined the CBA in the 2004–2005 season, after winning the championship of the second-tier National Basketball League in 2004. Yunnan Honghe's ejection leaves the CBA at only 17 teams, while leaving the city of Mengzi with a large basketball arena that no longer has a tenant.

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