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China blogs: Top 'net memes, old photos, Hollywood sucks up to China

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The time has come for end-of-year lists, and should you have happened to miss the most popular Internet posts this year, you can catch up with ChinaSMACK, which posts a list of 2009's top Chinese Internet memes ...

... and in the same vein, China Hush lists the top ten hottest people (plus a cat) on the Internet in 2009.

At a time when many Chinese apparently feared that the camera would suck out the soul, one of the world's first photojournalists, John Thomson, traveled around the country taking portraits of ordinary people. Danwei has an extract from the introduction to a book of his photography, The Inmost Shrine: A Photographic Odyssey of China, 1873.

If you're frustrated in your Chinese studies, you might take comfort from this series of posts at Chinayouren, in which Uln attempts to argue that Chinese is the hardest language in the world.

You might not have noticed it while watching Tomorrow Never Dies, Transformers, or Pearl Harbor, but apparently these are among the top ten movies that suck up to China. EastSouthWestNorth translates the silliness.

For those of you who celebrated "turkey day" this week, Useless Tree has a post on what it means to celebrate a Taoist Thanksgiving (Requires proxy).

And CNReviews links to an extremely interesting and lengthy (and now year-old) interview on China Beat about the filming of a Pepsi commercial exploring how ethnicity and nationality are constructed and conceived in China.

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