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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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What's in store for this weekend in the 'Ming? Bit more variety than usual, by the looks of it...

Friday: Reworks 2 at Club House
GoKunming's not heard of Club House before, but with prices like these (20 yuan for girls, 40 yuan for guys) for an all-you-can-drink deal (selected drinks), who's complaining? Tormod & Martin, DJ Shonny & DJ Tony will be playing music throughout the night. We're told Club House is located near the Hump: Go to Pandora, take a right in the courtyard and follow the alley round to the huge staircase. Head to the top.

Organiser Piers has offered 6 free tickets to GoKunming readers - 3 for guys, 3 for girls - to claim them, send an email to piers [DOT] tussaud [AT] gmail [DOT] com, with your phone number. First come, first served .

Friday: Uprock
Uprock hosts SCRATCH!! with DJ Macro & DJ Echoo from 10pm. Entry is free.

Friday: Movie screening at Yuansheng Studio
Yuansheng Studio is showing Tunnel War (地道战) at 8:30pm. Entry is 10 yuan.

Saturday: Beerfest at The Box
Starting from 7pm, The Box has special beer and sandwich discounts. We're told that the list of discounts is "too long to write", but "Duvel, Erdinger, Moretti, Weihenstephaner, and Sol" were mentioned.

Saturday: Exhibition opening at Yunart Gallery
'Used to being alone': oil paintings, performance photos and live performance featuring the work of Wu Zijie, Chen Junyu, Wang Le, Yang Zhongyi and Pang Jipeng. Yunart is in the same building as Moonlight Corner, whose resident jazz band is always worth a look.

Saturday: Concert at Yuansheng Studio
Happy Accordian, 9pm, free entry

Saturday: Uprock
DJ dd and DJ Mong, 10pm, free entry

Sunday: Movie screening at Yuansheng Studio
The classic movie festival continues with The Classified Bureau's Gunshot (保密局的枪声), 8:30pm, entry 10 yuan.

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