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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: Latin party at Uprock
Chengdu-based DJ Joe will bring his latin party to Uprock tonight, featuring salsa, merengue, and hip-hop meringue. Tunes start at 10:00, entry is 15 yuan.

Friday: Guitar master Haro Tomohisa at TCG Nordica
TCG Nordica will host a free performance tonight by guitar master Haro Tomohisa. Music starts at 8:00.

Saturday: 4th of July party at Lazy Bones Pizza
Lazy Bones Pizza will be throwing a Fourth of July party on Saturday beginning at 6:00 with happy hour drink specials all night plus barbecue.

Saturday: 4th of July party at Double Happiness Bar
Double Happiness Bar will also be holding a Fourth of July party with barbecue – festivities begin at 7:00.

Saturday: German Bold at Uprock
DJ Joe will be joined by DJ/MC Marty McFly at Uprock on Saturday night for the Kunming stop of the duo's Krautpleaserz tour. Their mix of dub, dubstep, dirty electro, and Marty McFly's live MCing over drum n bass begins at 10:00 entry is 15 yuan.

Saturday: Solo jazz and soul concert at TCG Nordica
On Saturday night, TCG Nordica will have another live performance, this time it will be a solo jazz and soul performance by Emanuelle. Show starts at 8:00, entry fee is 20 yuan.

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I think the "Solo jazz and soul concert at TCG Nordica" will be great! looking forward!

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