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Hi Maggie,

There is plenty of camping/hiking gear here. Jin Feibao's brother actually owns one of the better outdoor supply stores in town, on the sw corner of Renmin Lu and Huancheng Xi Lu. There are loads of other stores throughout town too.


I went to open mic night last night to see what was going on and was pleasantly surprised. Acoustic indie rock, a South Silk Road freestyle session with Kris Ariel drumming, Xinjiang folk music by Zhu Xiaolong and then a funky band with an MC, also freestyling. Host Marc Hollingsworth did an excellent job of enlisting performers and keeping the music going. A great first night.

I'm moving to Kunming in about a month to study Mandarin. I'm gearing up for my trip and want to know: How easy is it to find decent camping/hiking gear there? Specifically, sleeping bags that roll up nice and compact, campers' weekend packs.

Kunming in bloom

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this is my first time knowing there is such a good english site for my city~~thank you so much whoever did this ...

Kunming in bloom

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i really want to appreciate the blossoms of cherry,but i have no time,i have to work.this is the common life of a kunming resident

if the recent outing at the Dragonfly in Dali was anything to go by, this will be worth catching... if the sound system behaves this time ;)

Maybe city officials expect us to head for the greenery when we hear the call of nature.