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Report: Kunming-Dubai direct flight may be announced soon

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Little more than two years after becoming the third mainland city to have a direct air link with India, there is talk that regular weekly flights to Dubai will soon be launched, according to a Kunming Information Hub report.

The emirate, whose tanking economy has made markets tremble in recent days, has already become a favorite winter destination for outbound Kunming tourists who prefer luxury travel, according to Zhu Bowei, general manager at Kunming Fengguang Travel.

Kunming Overseas Travel Center director Hao Xianzhong told reporters that China Eastern Airlines may be announcing the addition of a Kunming-Dubai route as soon as this month.

Hao added that given Dubai's current economic woes, Chinese travelers would likely be able to take advantage of better deals than before.

Kunming is currently building a new airport that will serve as a major international gateway airport for China, with direct flights expected to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, Australia and North America.

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if only it could be Emirates rather than China Eastern.


definitely good time to start this flight!
Dubai personifies the worst of a sick system. As well as, soon, the country from where the flight originates.


Furthermore, who else than stupid Chinese package group or "nouveau riche" could enjoy holiday in Dubai?
Anyone who doubt about it, should make some research about tourism in Dubai. It remains what it si, a vain attempt to make something of nothing, in the middle of nowhere


What's with all the hate for Dubai? It's not like Shanghai, or New York were beacons of virtue and great places to visit when they were being built on slave labor.

i have no great desire to visit Dubai but could be a useful layover for Europe if it was Emirates rather than China Eastern. Eg Kunming > Dubai > London.
A couple of hours in the "worst of a sick system" to change planes would surely be bearable!

It's really a good news and step forward .Dubai is a good place to visit .

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