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Results: Best of Kunming 2007

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The results are in and the winners have been decided in GoKunming's first-ever Best of Kunming reader survey. This year there were some close races, with two ties in the international restaurant and live music categories. There were also four winners with two awards each: Moonlight Corner, The Silver Spoon Café, Salvador's Coffee House and TC/G Nordica.

Without further ado, here are the winners, as selected by GoKunming readers:

Food: Best Chinese Restaurant
Heavenly Manna

Food: Best International Restaurant
Moonlight Corner & The Silver Spoon Café (tie)

Food: Best Fine Dining
Moonlight Corner

Food: Best New Restaurant
The Silver Spoon Café

Drink: Best Café
Salvador's Coffee House

Drink: Best Teahouse
Yihuchun Cha Lou

Drink: Best Bar
The Hump Bar

Drink: Best Cocktails
Salvador's Coffee House

Drink: Best Beer Selection
Fisherman's Bar

Drink: Best Wine Selection
Pizza da Rocco

Entertainment/Arts: Best Gallery
TC/G Nordica

Entertainment/Arts: Best Live Music Venue
Laowo Bar & TC/G Nordica (tie)

Entertainment/Arts: Best Dancing Venue
Speakeasy Bar

Thank you to all our readers who voted and congratulations to the winners. Winners will receive framed certificates commemorating their selection as the best of Kunming in early January.

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Couldn't let this go without a comment. But, not wishing to repeat them, there are comments on this article in the Forum section.

Mmmm, the Forum article seems to have been cut -- I wonder what is wrong with describing the Heavenly Manna restaurant as, not, the best Chinese restaurant in Kunming? Good (so, it's said) but not the best.

Where's Sandra's (formerly The Box II) on this list? One of my top picks this year, to be sure, despite the somewhat out of the way location...

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