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Forums > Living in Kunming > Beware US Consulate Chengdu

I don't get it;

JJ, you were in the service long enough to know that this kind of Bureaucratic BS is the SOP for darn near the whole federal govt.!
I'm only surprised that you are surprised!

The US Embassies... an easy target to slag.
I've had my ups and downs with the embassies, but I would like to agree with the people who pointed out that it's not just the US, it's across the board. And the worst ones are either the countries everyone wants to go to, or the countries that no one wants to go to.

There's no excuse for the US immigration policy being all mixed up, backwards, and self-defeating. Implementing that policy is understandably going to upset everyone who must work with it.

Sound like an apologist for the fed. gov. don't I? wow... that's scary.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Social networking websites in China?

Prepare to be disappointed; there is not the same level of online social networking in China. After the dust settles it may be more useful for commercial marketing purposes, but it's not there yet.
The company I work for does 80% of our marketing worldwide through online social networking, and it's clear that the Chinese sites are not developing on a strictly parallel track. I welcome words from someone deeply involved in this (hell, I'll hire you!), but my understanding is that for commercial services QQ might actually be useful.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Woodblock Printing

Do you speak Chinese?
You should be able to find some of the woodblock people who do the door gods and such...

I'm also very interested in this topic, and I hope to see some more feedback on this issue....

Forums > Food & Drink > Smoking Ban

I predict the smoking ban will be in place and unenforced for at least five years.

Then, some sensationalist news-outlet will make it a cause de-jour and by then the public will have gotten used to the idea of the ban, so the implementation won't be so painful.
Oh, and all the smokers will have been sucked dry by mosquitoes by then.

(A mosquito's sense of smell is about 10,000 times better than yours. They are able to locate humans because they can detect the carbon dioxide that we give off. Smokers give off my CO2 don't they?)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kurt Cobain

I lived in Kunming nearly the entire year of 1997.
At that time there was one Chinese friend whose Chinese name I perhaps never knew, but he went by the English name Kurt Cobain.

I bumped into Kurt down by YunDa in 2001 when I rolled through.

Is Kurt still around Kunming, anyone know?
He was talking about trying to start a bar called 千醉仙园 last we had talked.

He (and everyone else about that time) knew me as banjo Joe...


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