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Excellent article. Now, would someone tell me the Chinese names of these references - Tuodong Lu's intersection with Baita Lu. Will be in Kunming in a month, so would like to bump around when I get there. With just 2 days there (on way to Yuanyang), I think this is a good spot (some major spots I have visited some years ago). Knowing ahead of time saves time. Thanks.

Planning on going to Yuanyang, so I have been researching the place. One major confusion is the map for Yuanyang. On the web, there are several available, and that's the problem. Even in Lonely Planet's China, they have I think 2 versions in their 2 recent updated published book, one being the flip of the other, amazing, e.g., Duoyishu and Longshuba, how are they related to each other, which is, relaltively, east of which? Can anyone refer me to a correct map of the area?


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