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The word "religion" seems to be a misnomer in this thread. Here, it seems, for some people religion either means the "Fanatic Cult of Ignorant Narrow-minded Jesus-believing followers" or any teaching or system where people are involved in killing or oppressing others in the name of God.

I hate arguments but just to clear it up....James 1:27 "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

I've had arguments like this with people before. The acts of oppression/violence done by people in the Bible in the name of God were mainly recorded in the Old Testament. As such they were Jews and under Jewish Law. Also I always agreed and still do, that the the people (who profess Christianity) who killed, maimed, tortured, raped, oppressed, exploited or whatever in the name of Christ are totally with a doubt wrong. However that is the fault of man and not God. Man brought and brings that misnomer—-that misperception of "religion" and all other distortions in society etc. God brought and brings the truth.
Anyone that disagrees with me or is infuriated or annoyed by my statements are free to bash me.

Just know that Jesus loves you!! 基督爱你们!!! :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > For Those Who Rail Against Chinese

Many of you think that people who rail against Chinese or complain about what they consider bad habits all come from America or Europe or one of those nice rich countries. It would be good for one to pause for a moment and remember the world is much bigger.

I am a citizen of Guyana (a country seldom heard of). It's a third world South American country and the situation there aint all bright and peachy. Back home i was never afforded many luxuries or what first world country citizens may call necessities. Many schools and other places have bad sanitation but we don't make it our duty to make the situation worse.

So even when people have day-to-day hardships we still try to be good to each other. We are known for our warmth and hospitality in the Caribbean. My point is that it doesn't take a German or someone from Singapore( one of the cleanest countries) to recognize some serious bad habits displayed by Chinese or any other national.

I am a student and many times I experienced situations where other students are spitting a mere inch away from me. How can this be an environment conducive for learning? Repulsive annoying sounds fill the air throughout class and the classroom itself insanitary.
I saw a woman indecently expose her child in public. I was in a store and was taking an escalator to another floor and by total accident I unwittingly saw the child's private part. The child was urinating right by a glass panel that was next to the escalator. So the child was on "show" and the panel was all that stopped the urine from wetting me. Now tell me does this kind of situation only offend certain kind of people? I think it would offend Chinese as well. Tell me if I'm wrong please.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese people don't act like civilized humans..

i very much agree with gaoxing. Once i was on a train and I was horrified to see a woman spreading her baby's leg's open and letting the baby urinate right on the floor. Another time i was in a store riding the escalator upwards. As i was approaching the top i turned my head and the first sight that greeted me was a baby urinating on the floor. the only thing that stopped the urine from touching me was a glass panel.
I've witnessed first hand most, if not all, of the situations gaoxing's talking about.
In chinese culture, cleanliness maybe viewed and practised differently when compared to western culture. A laowai may think that stuff like "unspoken rules" dont ever have to be taught. For example respecting and keeping the sanity of a hospital, classroom etc. So stuff like spitting is done considerately. In China aint so. U can practically spit anywhere. I see chinese students spitting in classrooms, stores anywhere! It's so bad that the hospitals have to put up signs saying "禁止吐痰" "No spitting".

Well i could go on and on. However I have met Chinese with wonderful personalities. from my experience I can without a doubt say that the different habits practised are influenced by the place. People from the city are generally cleaner and arent as obscene and annoying. Rural folks tend to be less sanitary and go insane when they see a foreigner.


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