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Forums > Living in Kunming > The New Uprock - Your Input

In its better days Uprock was fun because it had both a loud dance floor and a cool area to sit and chat, something that is pretty rare at most places in town. Preserving that kind of atmosphere without a roof terrace might not be easy but I think it'd be worth a try.


Forums > Food & Drink > No Smoking at Salvador's?

Also my two cents- as a strict non-smoker I fully endorse Salvadors or any other business should they wish to ban smoking indoors- a restaurant like Salvadors takes great pains to create a pleasant atmosphere inside- what with the music and decor- and foul cigarette smoke tends to undermine that, in my opinion.

Forums > Food & Drink > No Smoking at Salvador's?


Well I guess it's a Kunming Taboo to say so, but the bars that ban smoking correlate pretty well with ones that have a distinctly Christian missionary clientele. Unsurprisingly these tend to be located in the Beichen area up north or in the Kaiyuan Xiaoqu area in the West, as well as a few exceptions such as Mazagran.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Stolen Nichole Fahri Jacket (Babi Club Kundun)

What're you doing wearing a jacket in this weather? :)

It might be worth having a look on Taobao in the coming days, as whomever jacked your coat could probably use the 5,000 odd kuai it could fetch more than the warmth.

You sure it wasn't the fellow whose girl you were chatting up that stole your stuff?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Fantasy Baseball

Calling all local baseball fans-

A few of us have started a fantasy baseball league on Yahoo and are looking for new managers from around the Kunming area.

Whether you're a keen fantasy player interesting in earning a bit of pocket change, or simply a baseball fan looking for a way to keep up with the league while in China, our league is perfect for you.

We're seeking up to 9 more players, so there is plenty of space available. Time though, is running short- our live draft is scheduled for Monday, March 22 at 9pm. For more details, contact Matt at


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I suppose I should have phrased my comment differently- what I meant was that while the Kunming shift change policy is annoying and probably somewhat less than ideal, it isn't completely illogical. When I was in Shanghai last month I asked a driver about the change and she told me they go one day on, one day off; so there's no real crunch time in the middle of a day.


Kunming's taxis are not even close to being the dirtiest in China, much less the world. Smaller cities across the country use vehicles that look like they've survived mortar attacks. Even in Chongqing, the cabs are so badly outfitted that ordinary speed bumps provide an uncomfortable experience for the passenger.

Actually, the taxi shift change, while annoying, makes sense because the period around 5pm-8pm is the busiest of the day. As a result, all taxi drivers want a piece of this time frame, explaining the need for the shift change.

Just as a point of clarification- the Prague Cafe in the north is now closed and will be until the 21st. Samoana, Wicker Basket, and Silver Spoon in Beichen will also remain closed through the holiday.


Not at all. My point is merely that with increased competition Yunnan may see a relative drop in demand for some of its agricultural products as imports from Southeast Asian countries rise. This is likely to lead to decreased revenue for Yunnan farmers, who still comprise a significant bulk of the provincial population.

My larger point is that free trade agreements as such create winners and losers and aren't uniformly positive developments.


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