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Forums > Living in Kunming > introduction

People might be rude to your wife because she's Japanese. I'm not Japanese myself so i don't know firsthand, but i wouldn't be surprised.

Forums > Living in Kunming > E-Bike stolen/ Still have batteries

So last night i took the batteries out of my e-bike to charge, and i put the bike under the stairwell in my building. This morning i woke up and the bike was gone.

Does anybody have any advice about what to do or where to buy just the frame of a bike or where to sell batteries. I'd appreciate any information on the subject.

Forums > Study > scholarships in 2011

Last year i got a csc(China scholarship council) scholarship. They sent me nanjing normal university for 1 year of language study and then i was supposed to go to ynnu to get my bachelors degree.

It was awful. i'm not gonna go into all the blah blah blah. but after a year i decided to just pay for my own study and i am so much happier. 2 months salary teaching english pays for a whole years tuition. and it's soooo worth it not to have to deal those people. the csc people and college 办公室 workers are some of the worst people i have met in china.

i could write pages and pages about how much these people suck. My advice is just teach a little english pay your own tuition and steer clear of these people.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Haloween!?!?

This is my first Haloween in Kunming. Who can tell me a good place to rock out dressed like a vampire panda.


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