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Hey, Oliver2, welcome to the Ming...
I am a musician and we have a band here called The Tribal Moons. We're always looking for people to jam and play with. We do all kinds of original music and some pretty cool covers.
We've been playing in Lijiang this past month and a couple members have taken holidays. So we're pretty busy now but we'll all be back in the Ming at the end of February and maybe then we can all hook up.

We also have a site on Facebook under The Tribal Moons (group page -- not the fan page) and we have a YouTube site at thetribalmoonschina.

So hopefully we can stay in touch.


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I want to thank everyone at Sal's, and all the people who have come together once again in Kunming to work so hard to put this fundraiser together. Though I have been gone for a time, my heart is in Kunming and in spirit with the children and all we can do for them. I am happy and excited to come back and play with my band and be part of this great event. Thanks for the invitation and kind regards. See you there!

Cas and I would like to thank everyone for their lovely comments on the article Pat wrote about us in regard to leaving our home and Kunming family after all of these wonderful years we spent there. It's been a difficult decision and move. Many people we have met and developed friends with have inspired us, helped us, encouraged us and shown us their kindness. We will always remember the people and memories we have of our very special 12 years in Kunming. Love you all!

Joost..I'm gonna miss you, have always been so kind to me, to my wife everyone...You have inspired me with your music and playing with everyone...You always called me, asked me to play, thought of me, and I enjoyed every gig...You and Fried and the crew know how to welcome and take care of people and we are really gonna miss you. good luck and have fun moving back to Holland. Stay in touch. Nevada.

What a fantastic night. Thanks to all who came out to show their love and support. Great vibes.
You can purchase the 15 songs on or from Salvador's, Cantina and Brooklyn. Also from myself and Cas.
Many thanks and love


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