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Forums > Living in Kunming > Some nice foreigners at Salvador's, but problem

make an effort to make friends rather than just trying to suggest to patrons in cafe to practice english with you. imagine a beggar walking into salvador and beg for donations from you, will the management allow it? even if you try to approach someone just outside the cafe, it can be inappropriate; you can deemed to be mean too.

Forums > Living in Kunming > flying from china to the holly land

incidentally, i have a friend who owns and manages an israel tour agency, if anyone is organizing a group to go from china whether through/with a local tour agency or privately and needs assistance, guides, etc., please message me separately for more discussions etc.,

Forums > Living in Kunming > Christmas fair at Nordica

Just like to hear from vendors, organizers and public what were the responses like for the past few years? what kind of crowd/visitor goes to the fair? what kind of products or services are they looking for? what range or revenue are realized by the average vendors? Is it a good networking occasion? Is the event something the locals or foreigners will come every year because of the mood and festivity etc.? I know it is a lot of questions but just want to get the feel of the event


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Just wondering if anyone can list to/for us the different societies, NGOs, counseling companies, marriage agencies, gov depts, legal services that are helping to prepare couples for marriage, before they sign the dotted lines for divorces and after they are divorced and apparently the victims of the separation

great guy rocco...i love the great italian taste of pizza and pasta at this restaurant..i have been to the restaurant when it was at the old flower bird street, sometimes climbing up the old stairs to the second floor with foreign friends i wondered if the planks will give way and we will land up on the ground floor! i still go to the restaurant at the new place ocassionally. love the new design and furnishing.


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