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Wives of Kunming

The Mike (19 posts) • 0

Why is everything for sale on the classifieds something someone's wife "never uses"? Samsung Galaxy 4? NAH. Brand new bike? Sell that thing!

...and so on

Nansen (20 posts) • 0

haha....agreed, i thought this too.

Actually makes me laugh more when I see people try to sell ONE second hand textbook and so on for 30yuan when you can buy new for like 50/60yuan. I mean seriously, is anyone desperate for THIRTY YUAN?! and why would anyone try to save 20yuan to get a textbook covered in someone else's writing? Personally, i could never be bothered to sell one textbook at a is too short, my handwriting too messy...

ethniceast (33 posts) • 0

I think it could have been better and easier if the pic/s of the item can be posted together with the classified etc.,

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