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First of all: make your own design if you care about how it will look, otherwise they will make one for you. Most likely in the shop they will not be able to use your idea in digital form, but will recreate it. (Alternatively try to find out what digital format they use first, but they will most likely still do it again). Yes, do check what they did.

Price depends on paper type, number of colours, single/double-sided, but a ball-park figure is about 50Y for 100.

Murphy's Law for business cards: as soon as you get your cards printed, your phone number will change.

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In our latest water bill I noticed that we are now being charged based on consumption levels: the first 10 cubic meters per month are charged at 2.45Y, then a new tier kicks in at double the price at 4.90Y. Sewage is constant at 1Y per cubic meter.

According to their website, there are additional steps kicking for excess water use:

This seems like a sensible encouragement to save water while keeping the rates for essential consumption affordable.


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Nadam is held every three years on December 13th, the next time actually this year:

Like many festivals in the province, it is now a ticketed event with show, Mongolian feast and some riding/wrestling/singing competitions. Judging by the construction work of their show stage they are planning to make it even bigger this year.

Another Yunnan Mongolian festival is the Lubanjie 鲁班节, honouring the god of carpentry, sometimes held in 西城 village at the beginning of the fourth lunar month But when I once showed up for it, villagers were almost unaware that it was the day of a traditional ceremony.

This is the third time this very article is hitting my inbox in as many days as it is republished on various sites. It reads like a review one would do for money/exchange for reciprocal friendly review. Some might call it spam.

I guess I will never know if this book is actually worth reading or whether the author just seeks a lucrative consulting job as at over $100 it seems a bit pricey. No digital preview on Amazon either - what do they have to hide?



It is rare to find good approximations of western food anywhere in China and their lamb-chops (listed as lamb T-bone steak or so) were the best I have found so far. They came with good fries and the beer was cold. I liked the way that they serve the gloopy 'black-pepper sauce' separately, so one can just skip it. Pleasant and quick service too.


A pleasant modern eatery. The menu claims the chef worked for a large Chinese chain of Thai restaurants, but the Thai aspect of the food is difficult to find.

I gave the 'boneless chicken feet' a miss and had some spicy beef which while not bad was closer to the usual Sichuan fare than anything Thai. A dog under the table quickly lapping up any dropped food complemented the Sichuan experience.

The spring rolls were not bad though and together with a beer the bill came to Y58.

Easiest improvement would be better rice.


Easily the best bread to be found in Yunnan with friendly and efficient service. I have made detours to Dali just to pick up some bread on the way back to Kunming.