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I am American, I went to HK earlier in July with all appropriate paperwork to get a 3 month F visa, and was only able to get a 30 day F visa. I was told they are only issuing 30 day work visas, no matter what your circumstances, and advising that you apply for an extension while in China. I am not sure about tourist visas but I would not be surprised if 30 days is the most you can get in HK right now.


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Field tested the Kunming Youth and Children's Centre pool this weekend. A few updates: first, it closes at 7, at least on the day I went (friday). The pool was very warm - I estimate close to 100 degrees F (too warm for me). And it was pretty dirty - dirt piles on the bottom of the pool. It was also quite crowded. While the price is cheaper than Tuodong and the changing rooms may be SLIGHTLY cleaner, all in all, I was disappointed and won't go back.

I was unable to locate the Just Hotel pool. I asked several people including cops within the vicinity of Yanjia Di and they had not heard of the hotel. I was perhaps on the wrong side of the road - looking at the article again, it sounds like the hotel is on the South side, and is actually closer to the city center than the Youth pool.

ANOTHER CORRECTION: yes, Daniel S., it was the South Side. I get all directionally challenged around Kunming for some reason. The South and west side seem to be where the base is located.

Sorry for the double posting. CORRECTION: the military installation may also be on the west side of the mountain, not the east side.

WARNING: The north side (and possibly also the east side) of the otherwise lovely rocky butte of Chang Chong Mountain abuts an unmarked military base. I found this out the hard way while descending that side on a narrow trail and then canal (seeking to do a loop back to Long Quan Road/bus #84) and spent ten hours in uncomfortable custody. My advice is to stick to the road from the cigarette factory, bring your passport, and make sure you are properly registered at your local PSB before you head up.


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