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More swimming options around Kunming

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Several months ago, GoKunming was happy to bring you a review of the swimming facilities at Tuodong Stadium, the site of the upcoming China-Australia soccer (football) match. But when the pool recently doubled the price of admission for foreigners, raising it to 30 yuan, we went off in search of alternatives, and quite liked what we found.

Both of the pools we visited are located at the eastern end of Dianchi Lu, near where the road meets Huancheng Nan Lu. While they are less convenient for many downtown residents to reach than Tuodong Stadium, which is directly across the street from the Camellia Hotel, they are still an easy 20-minute bike ride from the city center and both have bus stops right outside their doors. Both also offer a significantly better environment than the Tuodong pool. Huge windows on the ceiling and along the walls afford abundant natural light, and the ventilation systems seem better than the one at Tuodong, where evaporated water from the pool drips back down from the ceiling.

Swimming Hall at the Kunming Youth and Children's Centre

Due to renovation of the locker rooms, this pool is closed until January 20. It's an eight-lane, 50-meter pool, inside a big glass bubble. It opens at 6:30 am and closes at 9 pm The price of admission is 15 yuan. The pool does not currently post any closings for swim lessons, but it is frequently used by classes.

Getting there: Take one of the following buses: 44, 73, 91, 120, 106, 152. (the 73 and 44 have stops at Jinbi Lu, and the 120 has stops near the intersection of Renmin Zhong Lu and Wuyi Lu). Get off at Jinniu Xiaoqu (金牛小区), and you will see the campus of the school to your right. The pool is to the left of the parking lot and art gallery.

Just Hotel Pool

Compared to what one might expect of hotel pools, Just Hotel (佳特酒店) has a remarkable facility. The pool is well-lit and clean, and the locker rooms are also pretty nice. The nine-lane, 50-meter pool isn't very crowded; during two recent trips there, the headcount peaked at 11. Admission is 20 yuan, plus a 10-yuan deposit for a locker key. There is also a kids' pool, with a reduced price of 10 yuan, but that is currently drained. The pool is open from 6:30 am until 9 pm.

Getting there: Follow the above directions, but get off at the next stop, Yanjia Di (严家地). Enter the Just Hotel (on your right) and walk straight through the lobby until you see the pool, also on your right.

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Please where is exactly the just hotel
Has anyone tried the Bank Hotel Swimming pool ?

Is there the option of buying a pass for discounted admission?

Field tested the Kunming Youth and Children's Centre pool this weekend. A few updates: first, it closes at 7, at least on the day I went (friday). The pool was very warm - I estimate close to 100 degrees F (too warm for me). And it was pretty dirty - dirt piles on the bottom of the pool. It was also quite crowded. While the price is cheaper than Tuodong and the changing rooms may be SLIGHTLY cleaner, all in all, I was disappointed and won't go back.

I was unable to locate the Just Hotel pool. I asked several people including cops within the vicinity of Yanjia Di and they had not heard of the hotel. I was perhaps on the wrong side of the road - looking at the article again, it sounds like the hotel is on the South side, and is actually closer to the city center than the Youth pool.

i expect Just Hotel has changed its name, as i remember it being easy to find (you mention elsewhere that you speak Chinese). it's further from town that the youth centre, and on the north/west side of the road. also, it's no longer listed on this site. for all i know, it's been chai'ed :)

i keep hearing about a pool on jiaochang zhong lu (教场中路) that's run by the military but open to the public. i've not been there myself, but the recommendations have come from people whose views i trust. 30 kuai a time, with a discount if you buy a 月卡. ah, it's this place: www.gokunming.com/en/listings/item/yun_31598/


Have car? There's the pool by dianchi. As it's difficult to get to (without a car) logic dictates it should be somewhat cleaner and definitely less crowded.

I just talked to the Just Hotel, the entry is 25 RMB.
The stop mentioned above is probably incorrect as google shows the hotel located a stop after the youth center: 市中级法院 (shi4 zhong1 ji2 fa3 yuan4)
云南省昆明市西山区滇池路268, China

+86 871 409 9889

I went to the Just Hotel pool yesterday and it was a total disgrace, the place looked like it hadn't been cleaned for at least a few months. Ugly, strange building with big rusty poles, unfriendly service. They updated their price to 40 rmb. The lifeguard was smoking at the waterside with a few of his lazy companions. They advertise that they close at 21:00 but the clock inside the pool is 15 minutes fast and they had us out of the pool 25 minutes before closing time. Not a nice way to spend 40 rmb. The only positive side was that it was not very crowded and it was easy to swim fast in a lane only bumping into a few clueless zig-zagging old people or kids once or twice. Any new tips on good pools in Kunming?

What I know of: 世纪金源大酒店 has a spa with 2 nice pools, indoor and outdoor, indoor 25m, outdoor slightly bigger, fitness area, not too crowded if you are smart with the times. Relatively clean. 168 for the whole spa package, pretty nice!

金星小区 in the north has a 50 meter outside pool, 20rmb, crowded but big and relatively clean, nice atmosphere.

世博花园酒店 has a 25 meter pool, not heated, clean-like, most old people don't take a shower before they get in, i complained many times. 30/40rmb

A pool at the far north side of Beijing lu, never went because it's 100 rmb. The bath is 50 meters, clean and deserted.

Tuodong I haven't been to for a few years. Crowded, expensive and not that clean was my impression.

I like going to the one at the youth center at Dianchi lu, relatively clean, not too crowded, 20 rmb...

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