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Forums > Living in Kunming > New Scam in Some Taxis

Have never been cheated in a Kunming taxi, in 10 years, either. Lately there have been occasions when the driver has taken an alternate route, sometimes slightly longer, but this has apparently always been done at time of the day where particular areas become jammed, thanks to the ominous and destructive idea that everybody who can possibly afford to buy a private car should do so.
I suggest that the taxi-cheat fear that may be quite justifiable in many cities is rarely justified in Kunming, so keep the lid on it before you start insulting drivers & making things difficult for everybody.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Weishan 巍山 south of Dali

Nice town, considerable history (origin on Nanzhao Kingdom), guesthouses & hotels, bus takes about an hour. Weibaoshan nearby, mountain with Taoist temples, nice for forest walks, I'm sure there's transport there from Weishan - in fact there's accomodations at Weibaoshan itself.

Forums > Food & Drink > Pizza Hut,McD,KFC

@tigertiger: Neither, if you can help it - neither are democratic, both serve vested interests who oppress. Shop at mom 'n' pops; & we don't need to buy so much crap anyway.

@Silvio: When I'm in that market, I vote for Dicos too.


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@flengs, 1. okay, I bow to the voice of greater experience. What are the places that are not walkable in one day? I know there's a lot of area that I have not visited there.
2. getting a bit lost can be worthwhile - art of discovery dept.

PS: Shibaoshan is really worth the visit - there's a place to stay there, or you can walk down the trail to Sideng (the main tourist-oriented Shaxi village) in an hour or two.

I think you can ignore the 'plan well get guide must have van perfect route' stuff - lately it seems that an awful lot of non-Chinese people in this area need a GPS every time they leave their apartments.

Shyam, I don't understand what is natural about markets and festivals, but if they are, why aren't supermarkets 'natural'? Or are they?

Living in a cave & making fire with flint isn't necessary, as it's perfectly possible to live in houses & make fire in easier ways without polluting the universe. However, 'dealing with it' is exactly what I propose, rather than simply using something because it exists and somebody wants to sell it to you, regardless of the effects it has - simply going along with everything is not 'dealing with' anything at all: no decisions, no thought is required. And just because the horses produce manure doesn't mean you've got to have an airplane.



As near as I can remember, they haven't had anything new on their menu in 13 years. Full meal consists of chicken steak, with or without mushroom sauce.
Sandwiches are okay. Service is generally poor, and they seem to be understaffed.


Not quite what you'd call a jumping place, but not bad at all for rather standard US-type meals, not overly expensive, and with a really good salad bar that's cheap, or free with most dinner dishes after 5:30PM. You can get a bottle of beer or even wine if you really want to, but I've never seen anybody do it - maybe that's just to take out. Chinese Christian run, and they hire people with physical disadvantages, who are pleasant and helpful. Frequented by foreign (mostly North American) Christians and Chinese Christians - was started by a Canadian couple associated with Bless China (previously, Project Grace), who are no longer here, but no religious pressure or any of that. Steaks are nothing special, and I avoid the Korean dishes, which I've had a few times but which did not impress me.

As a shop and bakery, it's very good bread at reasonable prices, of various kinds (Y18 for a good multigrain loaf that certainly weighs well over a pound. Other stuff too, like granola and oatmeal that is local, as well as imported things, including American cornflakes and so forth, which some people seem to require.


Large portions, seriously so with the pizza, which is Brooklyn/American style, I guess. Convivial, conversational, good place to drink with good folks on both sides of the bar, especially after about 9PM.


Really good pizza and steaks. The wine machine fuddles me when I'm a bit fuddled, & seems unnecessary. Good folks on both sides of the bar.