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Hi Orchid1120,

Although I am still a beginner, I plan to improve quickly. If you're still looking for partners (and don't mind if they are less experienced than you), I'm in. The more we dance, the better I'll be :op

You can contact me at nathaniel @ farouz .net

Forums > Living in Kunming > "Foreigner Work Permit"

Work permit is one thing, Z ("Work") visa is another one. Work permit allows you to work in China, Z visa (actually "Resident permit") enables you to live in China. It is almost impossible to get your Z visa without having a work permit. However, if previously you were employed by a company, you might probably never have heard about your work permit: your company was just keeping the document (which is the way it works in China, since they have to show it in case of inspection, and since you need it for nothing else than to get your Z visa).

Here, you need to set up your company, to employ yourself, provide the administration the relevant documents so that they can issue you a work permit. Then, this work permit will allow you to apply for a Z Resident permit (Z visa).


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I had the privilege to be among the first ones to give a try to Game Cafe's new menu !
I've not been disappointed: besides the friendliness of the owners, I've been amazed by the taste of the food: not only you get quantity but also quality, for a rather reasonable price !
I strongly recommend it, and for sure I will come back, not only to play games !

Thanks Wendy and Guillaume

(I especially appreciated the goat cheese in the 4-cheese pizza, so hard to find elsewhere in Kunming !)


I disagree with the latest posts:
- Vintage's service is as slow as before,
- staff is as unfriendly as before,
- and the double cheeseburger is hard as concrete.

The only nice thing about this place: the cakes (when they have it)... unfortunately not enough to balance the rest.