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Information you should have upon arrival:

The first form you get on the plane and it’s s all in Chinese. Ask a flight attendant to help out or use WeChat or Baidu translate to fill it in once you have internet.

Know where all the stamps in your passport are for the past period of time (since you left China) for Europeans who were back home be truthful about travel history and have it prepared.

Emergency contact information ( I would recommend putting your employer or school/university contact- Chinese name and phone number.

Address in Kunming (pin yin is fine, but also have it in characters on your phone so the officials can write it down in their paperwork)

Have a black pen with you to make the process smoother.

Be prepared to pay the deposit (WeChat, Alipay, Card, cash - all accepted)

You are allowed to ask friends to pick up your apartment key and bring stuff from your home- for this you need to let the hotel staff know when your friends will come. They will not be in contact with you in any way. You are in quarantine.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Coming back to Kunming

Hello everyone! Update on what happens upon coming back to Kunming. My friend and I left Malaysia on Wednesday to fly back to Kunming from Cambodia yesterday.

7:30 pm We land from Cambodia

7:45 pm Officials come on the plane and check a few passengers including us two - only foreigners in the plane. They also take everyone’s temperature with a temperature gun.

8:00 pm get off the plane and complete a form in a waiting area

8:20 pm we are taken separately to an improvised “hospital” area where they take our temperature with thermometers instead of temperature guns and test us for the virus (simple swab test similar to DNA testing); also complete another form. Staff was very nice and friendly.

10 pm pass through another temperature gate test (we are again with the Chinese people from our flight - they already have the QR code program installed by this point; we don’t) and we are waiting again.

11pm we get to passport control and fill in a small form with our final destination (address in Kunming for us)

11:15 pm we are picking up our luggage and wait for the officials to put us on different lists: transfer passengers, Kunming and medium risk passengers (us two plus a passenger who had been in Thailand)

12:00 am passengers who had been in Cambodia only are taken to their quarantine hotel by bus

3:30 am after waiting a loooooong time in the arrivals area in the airport we are taken to our hotel (same as Pablo’s by the look of the Wolverine door)

4:00 am we arrive at the hotel where we fill in another form and have our temperature taken again (here they asked us for our emergency contact information and had to scramble for our HR’s phone number and Chinese name) we paid a DEPOSIT of 4000 (similar to renting rules - the actual cost is 150 yuan per room per night and if there is only one person the deposit is 3000); We were only allowed to stay together because we showed them we spent all our time together in the past 35 days.

4:30 am after 9 hours we are finally in our room where we try to

sanitize our luggage somehow.

10:30 am morning temperature test with a temperature gun (for which we are asked to wear a mask


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