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Forums > Travel Yunnan > visa extension

Of course, world wide spread rules !

For the next person worried about the details of the visa extension :

-They had their own photograph there so no need to bring photos

- I had to fill out a paper of my future travel plan. Had to sign that I will follow it. But actually, she asked me afterwards if my plan was to stay in Kunming during the next month, so I guess you can choose this option as well
-As a German person it will cost me 180 kuai (around that price if I recall correctly)> I haveto pay this amount using wechat or alipay (no cash accepted)
-She was super nice and friendly. Could perfectly speak English
-Takes one weeks to process including the day I started the procedure
- My new visa extends my previous visa by 1 month STARTING THE DAY OF THE EXPIRATION OF MY PREVIOUS VISA. I entered in China with a tourist visa the 10 October, thus my first visa expires 9 of November. She told me my new visa would be from the 9 November to the 9 December

- They gave me a small paper I could use as a substitute or my passport, which I can use to travel IN MAINLAND China,

Forums > Travel Yunnan > visa extension

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well.
I am searching for some information about the visa extension

procedure here in Kunming. I am posting a new thread because the other treads are at least 2years old

I need around 3 weeks to get the X2 paper admission notice handed over by my university, but my visa is ending in 11 days.

Thus, I am searching to extend my tourist visa (first time)3 weeks or even a month.

This is why I have a few questions: -Should I be honest about my current situation and simply explain to the PSB that I want to take some private classes and that I am waiting for my X2 admission letter to be issued ? ? Or should I simply tell them I want to travel and thus invent a travel itinary ?
- Do I need an already booked plane ticket ?

- should I bring bank receipts ?

Thank you so much !

Forums > Study > Price 1-1 class

Thanks a lot !
My phone had an issue and didn't post the rest of my thread.

I wanted to know the price for a Chinese one on one teacher. I guess around 75rmb is the common rate without using a school as a third party.

Thanks a lot!


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