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visa extension

Elias.l (6 posts) • 0

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well.
I am searching for some information about the visa extension

procedure here in Kunming. I am posting a new thread because the other treads are at least 2years old

I need around 3 weeks to get the X2 paper admission notice handed over by my university, but my visa is ending in 11 days.

Thus, I am searching to extend my tourist visa (first time)3 weeks or even a month.

This is why I have a few questions: -Should I be honest about my current situation and simply explain to the PSB that I want to take some private classes and that I am waiting for my X2 admission letter to be issued ? ? Or should I simply tell them I want to travel and thus invent a travel itinary ?
- Do I need an already booked plane ticket ?

- should I bring bank receipts ?

Thank you so much !

tigertiger - moderator (5079 posts) • +1

If your X2 papers are being processed by the university, get a letter from your university, or better still get someone from admissions to go with you, and take it to the PSB office.

Every flight, train, and (I think now) long distance bus ticket is logged against your passport number and goes on to a database. There is no hiding if you have traveled.
If the PSB extend your tourist visa it is usually for 30 days, but there is no second extension.
The PSB is usually very helpful with genuine cases. If they cannot extend your visa, ask their advice as to what you need to do. Their philosophy appears to be to keep people, and help them remain, legal not to catch them out.

Liumingke1234 (3245 posts) • +1

Remember, always be polite and smile. It goes along way. Remember, you need them more than they need you. It's good to hear a follow-up that was positive.

Elias.l (6 posts) • +1

Of course, world wide spread rules !

For the next person worried about the details of the visa extension :

-They had their own photograph there so no need to bring photos

- I had to fill out a paper of my future travel plan. Had to sign that I will follow it. But actually, she asked me afterwards if my plan was to stay in Kunming during the next month, so I guess you can choose this option as well
-As a German person it will cost me 180 kuai (around that price if I recall correctly)> I haveto pay this amount using wechat or alipay (no cash accepted)
-She was super nice and friendly. Could perfectly speak English
-Takes one weeks to process including the day I started the procedure
- My new visa extends my previous visa by 1 month STARTING THE DAY OF THE EXPIRATION OF MY PREVIOUS VISA. I entered in China with a tourist visa the 10 October, thus my first visa expires 9 of November. She told me my new visa would be from the 9 November to the 9 December

- They gave me a small paper I could use as a substitute or my passport, which I can use to travel IN MAINLAND China,

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