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Hi @wifi, I too am a teacher at BIBS and can vouch for everything that Andy8 has said. I moved here from Qingdao in September 2017. A leap of faith that has paid off very well.

A big reason why I moved to Yunnan was the air quality - I have 2 young kids. So glad to be living here. It's wonderful.

Also I struck the luck big time with hooking up with the BIBS crowd. It is an IB school which frankly is not only a very good thing to have on the CV but is a way in which we can truly make a change in the world for the better. Research IB to get a better understanding if you don't know it already.

I have had nothing but support from the management, the parents and my fellow teachers. Yes we were a start up school for a while but now we are more working towards solidifying everything, and with great success.

As Andy suggests come down and take a look. Chat with the teachers, the students and why not be there for 4:30 so you can talk with the parents also. I came here in May to scope it all out before I took the job. I had a good feeling so I made the jump. Glad I did!


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