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I'll add the online and offline resources that I use and find very useful:
-Pleco: Cellphone offline dictionary. You have the free version with all the basics. Dictionary, clipboard reader, flashcards, OCR...I have the basic bundle with another extras and I have to admit that my life in China would be so different

without Pleco. It also has now ebooks to read and articles from
-The Chairman's Bao. Website where you can read articles based on HSK level. Recommended by a friend of mine and I use it everyday to practice my reading skills. Not free. They also have an app.
-Chinesepod. Website with audio pods with different levels. I also love this one and use it as much as I can. Interesting topics and quality material. Also not free and they have an app.
-Anki. Free. To practice flashcards. You can either use a desktop version, the browser or the app. You can download flashcard decks from their site.
Good luck!!! 加油

Forums > Living in Kunming > kun ming bus...

That's right, @Philou. I just gave it a try. The app will show a QR code and a small cam in top of the usual card scanner will read it.

To use the service you have to pay a 20yuan deposit (first time I pay a "deposit" to use an app!!! I wonder when will I get it back...) and the you just can recharge it with the usual Wechat, Alipay... Price of the ticket is the same as the card.
One interesting option from the app is the one that tells you which bus stops are near you (附近站点) and which buses stop there. Tapping on the bus route will tell you the bus stops and operating time.
You can also plan your route with 查看花城 but that option is quite similar to the ones in Baidu or Amaps

Forums > Living in Kunming > kun ming bus...

Cool. I'll give it a try. Does it work with all the buses? I ask because I have realized that some buses don't work with the transport card. Guess same buses you can use the card you can use the app as well?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Sim card for tourist

Thanks @alienew! :)
I guess you mean the one in 人民中路100 (Renminzhonglu 100). And by the municipal government you mean 五华区人民政府 (Wuhuaqu renmin zhengfu), right?

Sorry, I am new in town so I don't know the main places yet...
And I won't forget my passport!

Forums > Living in Kunming > kun ming bus...

Hi Philou. How can you use the cellphone to access the bus? Does it also need to have NFC to use it? My cellphone doesn't have NFC so I can't recharge my transport card with it. But thanks for the name of the app.


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I've known their food for a while and it's always been excellent! (great for vegetarians). Had the chance to stay there for the weekend and it was perfect. Friendly and helpful staff, great location, clean and comfy rooms!

:) you can't go wrong if you stay here