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For travellers by train, there's two buses available in the train station, Bus No. 4 and Bus No.18, both buses pass the station "Bailong Square"(白龙广场), the tickets is 1 RMB.

As there's two entrances to the Dayan Old town on both side of the station, it would be the perfect stop for those who booked a room near by this area(south-west of the old town).

For travellers who already booked a room near the main entrance of the Dayan Old Town, Bus No. 4 would be a better choice, as it passes the station "entrance of the old town"(古城口) which is just 5 mins away from the symbolic waterwheel.

For travellers who booked a room in Shuhe Old Town, you can take Bus No. 4 or Bus No.18 to "Bailong Square"(白龙广场), then take Bus No. 11 from the same station to the station “Crossroad of Shuhe Old Town”(束河路口).

It will take 15 mins to walk to the main entrance of the Shuhe Old Town from the station.

For travellers gonna stay outside of the old town, please comment under the article and we'll find the best way for you.

There's also some locals outside of the train station offers mini-van service, it usually cost 10 RMB per person and the mini-van usually stops near the main entrance of the old twon.

The airport bus costs 20RMB and it will only stops at the terminal station "Blue Sky Hotel"(蓝天宾馆) which is 1km away from the main entrance from Dayan Old Town, the trip gonna take 45 mins. The last airport bus ends after the last flight.

Alternatively, you can take Bus No. 27 from "Crossroad of Airport"(机场路口) to the terminal station “Hospital of Yulong District”(玉龙县医院) which is 5 mins' walking distance to the Bailong Square(白龙广场). The ticket is 3RMB.


All the buses end around 9pm except the airport bus.

Ugh, if you're not a Budget Traveler, just ignore the article and take a cab.

Taxi from train station to "Bailong Square"(白龙广场) costs around 35 RMB.

Taxi from airport to "Bailong Square"(白龙广场) costs around 100 RMB.

Ref: WeChat account: MoreLijiang


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