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Forums > Travel Yunnan > From Jinhong to Thailand on Lancang/Mekong

Thank you a lot, I will enjoy the rice noodles.

Seems this opportunity became less attractive, apparently most of the tourism agencies stop all of their costumer booking services since the attacks.
But better anyway to self organize, needn't pay on top for provided services.

I guess they don't have regular ticket counters near the harbor now, how you got your ticket, even negotiated with a captain?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > From Jinhong to Thailand on Lancang/Mekong

Hey, this tread is already a little bit old. Maybe someone have some updates.
I've tried to book the tour with mei mei- and mekong cafe. Both don't provide this service anymore to book a ticket for a cargo vessel from jinghong to chiang saen (thailand).
None of them could give me exact informations.
Anybody have further informations and whether they stop the tourism boat transportation because of the massacre in october 2011? Clear informations about the condition of the route are a little bit invisible, most of the updates already 2-3 years old.
Any informations will be much appreciated.

Forums > Living in Kunming > gym with english speaking trainer

Hey, to get rid of my spine problems, my doctor recommend me go to the gym and just build some muscles.But I heard if the exercises are wrong be carried out, the problems could become even worse. I really have no experience with gym.
Anybody know a good and cheap gym in the north with qualified instructors or trainers, who are able to speak english.

Thanks for help.


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Since a while my favorite bar here. Very cozy and have nice, friendly staff.
Good place have long good conversations with german and chinese beer, price is good.

Almost every time I went there had life music.
Highly recommended.


Great Hostel, I stayed there for 8 days. Loved to play billiard with the young and friendly staff.

Maybe they should provide some toilet paper (for people arrive china freshly and don't know its always good to have your own).
And the coffee was too light( but I don't want to be a pendant).

I give five stars because I really felt comfortable and welcome.