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Forums > Food & Drink > Subway Sandwich Shop

You're in luck my friend, I recently stumbled upon Kunming's very first Subway.

It's in Nan Pin Jie at the mall, on the bottom floor that has Papa John's and the other restaurants.

It exists. And it's not bad. Not as good as Subways in the US of course, but they do have pretty much the same menu, a self serve soda fountain for all the refills you want, and they don't skimp on materials (like some places in the US).

Overall I was satisfied. Not the best, but it was great to have a spicy italian after over a year of dreaming about a Subway in Kunming.

It was like 40RMB for a footlong and a drink. The sandwich makers can't speak English of course, but the manager surprisingly does.

Enjoy ~

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Wild Camping around Kunming.

There's certainly places around to camp that are remote and won't have any people.

Where they are, I don't know :(, but they exist.

The good thing about camping in China is usually don't need to pay park fees, and if you hike at least 1km, there won't be anyone else out there as most Chinese are allergic to camping and wildlife it seems.

Sorry I couldn't suggest a specific place, but if you keep looking (or feel brave enough to just go towards the mountains and wing it) you can find a place.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Vietnam turnaround visa run?

I got back from Vietnam a few weeks ago, however I actually stayed for over a week so not exactly a quick turnaround.

If your purpose is simply a visa run though, you can always just stay in some cheapo hotel in Lao Cai for a night and come back, it shouldn't be more that $15.

But honestly, if you take the 5+ hour train ride there, you might as well at the very least stay in Sapa. It's less than an hour away from Lao Cai and is worth a few days stay, it's pretty nice there actually.


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