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'wasted billions on Europe'....well I guess we know where he stands. Sadly that's typical of the Leave campaign's level of analysis and rationale for wanting plucky little Britain to go it alone, of course it won't be Britain for long after they leave, the next Scottish referendum will be likewise a vote for independence. And it's just not true, take a look at the level of bureacracy and consequent costs, within Britain, billions wasted there too.

I'm voting stay, I'm old enough to remember the hassle of travelling around Europe with pockets full of different currencies.

Leave: Donald Trump, Boris Johnson

Stay: Barack Obama, head of the London School of Economics, the majority of business & financial leaders.


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And let's also not forget that before it was appropriated by the socialist movement in Europe that it was a spring festival there, with possibly pre-Christian origins. Dancing round the May-pole can still be seen in several northern-European cultures.



Really expect a brew pub to offer more than one beer.........c'mon guys!