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Forums > Living in Kunming > Events for Foreigners on Chinese New Year

Please don't turn my post into some bickering match. Obviously being with Chinese on Chinese new year is the ideal BUT since I don't have a Chinese family to be with, that's why I asked if there was anything going on for foreigners in Kunming. So telling me I should be with Chinese is extremely unhelpful unless you expect me to walk up to random people and invite myself over.


Forums > Living in Kunming > Picking up my girlfriend from the airport


My girlfriend is coming into Kunming on Feb. 9th (1 am on Feb. 10th actually) and I wanted to go there to pick her up.

Do people know if the bus service to and from the airport will be available on February 9th? Does anyone know where I can get on the bus in the city?

Thanks in advanced.


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