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SarahB, jokes made were tasteless to say the least, but I truly believe that ignoring them would have been in your best interest.
Probably easier said than done considering what you endured but I m not sure this is the right place to share your painful experiences.You cant fix stupid and you are just fuelling their frustation at best. Plus as we noticed, all people arent treated the same way in here.

Actually you were asking "Napoleon' which country he was from, wondering if he was french or not. Not sure his nationality really matters ( unless u meant French people were all gross beasts). For my money, his nickname is maybe just a reference to his height, would explain a lot indeed.


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Lorena, expressing an opinion is not trolling, but I dont expect you to understand that since you cant make a difference between a well written article and a mediocre one.

A whole paragraph about saving 20 Rmbs... Right, not something you will find reading a "Lonely Planet " guide.

We get it, you are on a BUDGET, but it felt like I was reading someone's bill. Doesnt serve the purpose of your article at all.

Quote : " it was wonderful meal that I didn't even mind paying for. That's high praise, coming from me."

I m just lost for words...


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