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Forums > Living in Kunming > US college footbal games Dec 28

I wish to see two that will be early on that day. Asking if any sports bar or any other place is likely to present video. I have not chased 'sports' in Kunming before. Thanks for all insights.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > exchange rmb for dollar

If more than $USD 10,000 it must be declared to Customs upon entry and that could slow you down. If you have a stateside bank account, you (better with help of Chinese citizen) can electronically transfer funds to that. A higher limit applies.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Police Clearance from Home

Whether I or USA are 'off'.


Only speculation that US expats outnumber Kiwis here. But we'll all soldier on, and benefit from information called for by the first post. If we can keep this friendly, other posters might feel unafraid to add their experiences.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Police Clearance from Home

For me, Texas Apostile (that's what they call it) was a necessary step before getting Houston Chinese Consulate to provide their documentation and seal.

Only described procedure I followed, which may not apply in NZ or other countries. But which may be of value for US readers drawn to this thread title.

It seems not germane to this discussion whether or not I am 'off'.


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