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Forums > Living in Kunming > Teachin at KM Uni. Science/Technology

I finished teaching a semester of general English last month at the Kunming University of Science and Technology.

While the students were great and the Chinese staff very helpful, I feel I should warn any foreign teacher thinking about teaching there about a few issues.

Firstly, I was told three days before the first class that there was no textbook and that I would have to create the entire body of course materials from scratch, as well as submit a detailed syllabus for the semester at a moment's notice.

Secondly, because of the way their accounting department figures income tax witholding, the promised 150 yuan per hour turned out to be 132 yuan per hour.

And finally, the pay process is glacially slow; I taught the last class on December 8 and won't see my final salary payment until March 21(!).

And I didn't find any of this out until I noticed that the first payment (three months after starting the class) to the bank where I had to open an account was not the amount I was expecting.

So only consider teaching there if you're okay with filling out mountains of paperwork, creating a semester course on your own from scratch, waiting three months to get paid for your efforts and receiving almost 20 yuan per hour less for your trouble than what is in the contract.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Getting a visa stamp at the Vietnamese border

Hi all,

My point on the other thread was that degrees and qualifications don't guarantee talent. I've always had work visas everywhere I've taught, including two previous times here in Kunming, since I have a degree in English, a TEFL certificate, a CELTA and eight years experience. Thank you for the first link; for some reason it didn't come up when I did a search before I posted. I have a tourist visa at the moment because I've just come back to Kunming from the States and they automatically give Americans this type of tourist visa now and likewise for Chinese visiting America. So I'm just going to the border once while they process my work visa as you can't extend a tourist visa that isn't about to expire.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Getting a visa stamp at the Vietnamese border

I have a ten year multiple entry tourist visa good for 60 days at a time. Any reason why I can't renew it by taking the train to the Vietnamese border, walking across, getting my passport stamped, and walking back and catching the next train back to Kunming?


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Looks great, but if you live in the center city, Dr. Li's clinic at 55 Hua Shan Nan Rd. has been delivering modern dental services to locals and foreigners for years now. He and several other staff members speak English and his facilities are state of the art. Highly recommended. Here's his number: 13708738885


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