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I'm quite skeptical that Kevin, and others like him, can really change villages like Nizu for the better. Especially through tourism, which is such a hungry animal, devouring culture, resources, and indigenous lifestyles without partiality, all in the name of 'economic' development. Not to mention the recent uproar over Chinese tourists and their questionable behavior. The best he can hope for is to rebuild a-fresh after the place gets so trashed travelers stop coming (as research in tourism has proven). I wish him good luck.

Indeed, an interesting and captivating article. But just to mention, for those of us who have known Xia Shanquan (Sean) for many years, we know him to be one of the most intelligent and right on activists we've ever met in China. Having been married twice, his second to an Australian named Margo (RIP), and regardless of his physical handicap, he continues to stand up for his native TLG's people and environment. His current girlfriend is also not his wife. Facts are better than rumors.


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