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First of all, it's not a club, it's an account that they want to use to track and spam you, among other things. But there is a long and short answer to your question. The long answer is it is a battle for data and the one who gets the most data wins. The short is it doesn't matter because we already know what you are up to, Alien.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dragon's breath

I think I heard an elephant enter the room. Is his name racism or hypocrisy? China is a developing nation; Japan and probably Taiwan are developed, as is HK, SGP, whatever. So thank you GoKunming writers who wish to politicize everything you hear like some drunken brawl.

Anyway, here goes. You see it everywhere in the US and most western countries: fresh breath. You see it in million dollar advertisements for the Super Bowl. You see it at the grocery stores, the pharmacies, on billboards as you drive by. The famed English mint Altoids were not originally candy and date back to the 1790s. You can call it advertising or a marketing ploy, but for 300 years or more, one can only be left with acceptance that there is demand for some level of awareness about what we smell both to ourselves and to others. You can add more dimensions than smell if you wish.

So, for my dear boy, alienew, why don't you go back to your job as a 2nd grade social studies teacher, and while you are at it, lay off the booze.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dragon's breath

Thanks, Alienew. I don't think I am overly sensitive and I do not chill, whatever the fuck that mean. I know what my nose and watery eyes are telling me. I wretch. Perhaps there is also an issue with personal space. Asians seems to want to get closer than do Westerners, whether it be having a conversation over a drink, or standing in line. Consequently, they are easier to smell. As I said, it may be cultural, however, I will say, I can't stand relativist arguments. I am subjective, biased, if you will. For that matter, anyone who tells me they are not subjective scares me.


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