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Hello everyone
Do you know a hospital in the name calmettee international hospital pleas

Do you know another international hospital in yunnan provinc

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Hi all
I'm a muslem and i'm not a fanatic.
the translation of quran which Mr bucko sent are difinetely wrong.

you can find any sentence and you mentio ed out of its context and it look verey threatend. you can find in the bible the word swored in hundreds for example.
i remind you that milions killed in the name of christianity: the crusaders, extremes christian movement in usa and africa and of course the holocost with the blessing of pope. insbite of these christianity is a peace religion . the problem is not the religion but the bad people who talks on the name of god

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1.where could i find clean,hygienic restaurants with good meals
2. is western restaurants (Mcdonald,pizza hut and others) safe and hygienic



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