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Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa renewal Question

Those two threads don't answer this question really, as far as I can see.

I searched the forums here before posting and found nothing recent.

I am currently visiting Yunnan and trying to learn everything I can about the place, before considering living or working here.


Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa renewal Question

This thread could just as easily be moved to the Travel forum, but I thought more people would see it here.

Can anyone with recent experience tell us about L visa extension in Kunming?

1. How many days do you get, 30? Dated from application or from expiry?

2. Do you need to bring anything beside your passport, money, and address in China? Anything Else?

I have seen contradictory info online.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Some teaching and visa questions

I am in Indonesia at the moment and thinking about moving to Yunnan to teach English for awhile.
What would be the normal protocol for getting a teaching job there?

Show up on an L-Visa, interview around, and then the employer would send me to HK to process the working visa?

Or does the teacher need to return to his or her home country?

Does this depend on whether it is a private or public sector school/employer?

Or is there any chance of getting hired from here and processing the visa at the local Chinese consulate?

If anybody has advice or experience to share, please do.

PS. I am more interested in how things are actually handled by employers and visa authorities in Yunnan in 2014, not how they are officially meant to be carried out ( :


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@Tiger Tiger that political leaning is either "pro" a particular party or group of such parties, or what those parties are into-ie. their line. So the organization(s) is/are the key to the difference. Political movements not attached to particular parties can have capitalized Letters, but usually because of a proper noun, a name.


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