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Forums > Living in Kunming > Switching from Z visa to S1 visa

Thanks very much, Yuantongsi, for the info. Blobbles- the family reunion visa is the Q1 visa, right? I think that is different from the S1, but I might be confused. Either way, thanks for your reply and I wish you luck with your trip to HK!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Switching from Z visa to S1 visa

Thank you atwillden and AlPage48 for the info. So, as I understand it, the S1 visa converts to a residence permit and would usually allow multiple entries and a stay of longer than 180 days, whereas the S2 visa is just a visa and is usually only for single entry and fewer than 180 days. I've been researching all of that and think I have a fair grasp on that part now.

However, I'm still trying to find info on whether or not I can change from Z to S1/S2 in China or if I have to exit the country for that kind of change.

Furthermore, I have a new question- Our marriage license is a certified copy, notarized by the local circuit court from the place we were married in the States only. I have heard that for visa purposes, this may not be good enough; we may need to have it authenticated by the US State Department and the Chinese Consulate. Has anyone experienced this or know anything about it? If we have to do it, is this a process that has to be done in the States, or can it be done from China?

Thanks in advance for any help readers can offer!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Switching from Z visa to S1 visa

Hi everyone,

I know there are lots of visa-related threads already, but my situation is a little different from those discussed previously, and I couldn't find the information I need.

I am currently on a Z visa (work visa) with a residence permit. My work will be coming to an end at the end of June, and at that time my employer is prepared to provide me with any of the required release of contract information I need to change my visa. My (also foreign) husband currently has a valid student visa. Would it be possible for me to change my Z visa into the S1 (spouse) visa while remaining in Kunming? Or would I have to travel to Chengdu, or even possibly out of the country?

If any of you readers has had to make this switch, or has any information about the process, please let me know!



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