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Forums > Food & Drink > Trivia nights

Yes, we (Barfly) host a Pub quiz every Friday. We had a summer break but start again this week. O'reilly's (Beimen) also has a good quiz night, every other Thursday. Check in the calendar.

Forums > Study > Specific books about Kunming

The Kunming Project: Urban Development in China (in Chinese and English) from 2002

ISBN: 3-7643-6742-3
This is mostly about City planning and

architecture in a City that faces rapid and drastic changes. Lots of good pictures in it too, if you are interested in Urban Design.

Forums > Living in Kunming > New Household Registration Needs

since when does this apply? I just went to the local police station today to register my new passport. besides my previous half piece of paper with my old and new passport, i didn't bring anything, not even the contract with the landlord. Got the new registration within a few minutes. Maybe takes some time until the new rules are being enforced?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Physiotherapist

several years ago i saw an excellent

American physiotherapist in a hospital in 西园北路 Xiyuanbeilu, between Jiaolinglu and Dianmiandadao, pretty much right after the bridge on the right (when you come from Dianmian). She was working with a Christian program and is not here anymore. The international clinic passed me her contact at the time, so i would recommend asking there.


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