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I have been studying at Yunnan normal university for two semesters now, and I would say I'm really happy with my progress., The teachers are well organised, plans ahead and are very motivating and positive. You will be required to do alot of homework though, there is for example ting xie every day, (they ask questions which you write the answer to, and say sentences that you write down with characters).

You will also be required to write shorter essays every second week, and have minor exams every second week. (One exams is about two hours, and covers what you've been studying the last two weeks. Including listening and writing).

The structure they use is that in the morning class we learn grammar and other useful things, then in the second class we practise speaking, using the grammar we learnt in the class before.

Until last semester they had this method for 2 levels, (2 and 3, out of totally 4 levels)but they are trying to expand it, I can give an update as soon as my next semester has started.


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