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Forums > Study > Yunda Uni entrance exam

If your exam is on the 9th september it's definitely more of a formality than anything. Semester should start around the 15th. If it was an official (state government) exam it would be held in Feb-March.

I also would just add a note of caution in terms of A12345 comment about language levels - if you have a new HSK Level 4 you are going to struggle massively in lectures. When I started my masters (Chinese history), I had passed my old old HSK 7 levels 3 years prior and had been living in China for the remainder of those three years and I can honestly say I understood maybe about 60% of what was going on in class. Just be forewarned and prepared to really study your ass off for the first year to catch up on vocab. Make a couple of friends in class with readable handwriting and get copies of their notes. Chinese students in general are super friendly and will be super happy to help.

Last point - I think your degree will be in Chenggong. As far as I know, all bachelor students at Yunda are at Chenggong.

Forums > Study > Yunda Uni entrance exam

I have had a similar experience with Yunda, but for postgraduate studies. The international students department accepted my application, but then insisted that I needed to go to the postgraduate students department who insisted that I needed to sit the Chinese Postgraduate Students exam. As I am not a Chinese citizen I don't have a Chinese ID number so couldn't enrol in this exam even if I wanted to. Classic Chinese bureaucracy. Eventually (after a year) of constant visits and negotiation, Yunda finally agreed to enrol me provided I sat an exam provided by the department I was interested in,which was mostly just to check my Chinese was up to par. This exam was very pro forma and I just needed to do it to tick the boxes but it was a serious hassle to sort it out.
In terms of a bachelor degree, it might be a similar story. Please be aware that the admin at Yunda is very unfriendly towards enrolling foreign students in degrees which are not Chinese-language degrees (i.e. normal degrees) and you will need to fight to get in. Alternatively, look into options of getting a bachelor degree scholarship through the Chinese government or Confucian centres and nominating Yunda as your choice. If you are a scholarship student, they can't really refure you, though you'd have to wait for next years scholarship round.

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Hi all,

I am looking to start renovating a new apartment in Kunming.

Who did you use? If anyone could recommend a particular company/construction team that would be really great.

Any tips, advice would be greatly appreciated.



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