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ipuhov i teach djing and music production here in Kunming. Iam from the UK, have a look at my website and contact using the form on my site for more info . THX

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If anyone is interested in learning or brushing up their music production or djing skills, please get in touch. I have 20 years experience in making music, djing and scratching. Can teach in English or Chinese.

Lessons are all 1 to 1 according to what you needs are. It is also possible to arrange 2 or 3 people classes.

Music production is taught using Logic Pro X, Maschine or Ableton.

Forums > Living in Kunming > UK ROA for child with PRC Passport

Hello everyone

Would really appreciate any help, my daughter is 6 and holds a Chinese passport, i am her father and a British Citizen born in UK. Does anyone here have experience applying for a ROA right of abode for the UK . I have heard she could have this put in her Chinese passport then come and go to the UK.

THX in advance

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We are organizing a fund raiser to help those people in the Philippines affected by the Typhoon. The event is on Saturday November the 30th and is called the help out. We have 10 bars/cafes and restaurants working with us to make a fun day and raise money to donate via the Hong Kong Red Cross. We have arranged for a big group of musicians, artists and DJs to perform for free this day and help raise money.

We would really like to reach out to the Filipino community in Kunming and have you involved with us.

Please send a PM on this Gokunming account with any questions about how you can get involved. All details about the events will be coming ASAP on Gokunming.


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Hi Everyone

Just to make it clearer how this event works, NO ONE is profiting from this event. Each packet contains 10 tickets and costs 150 rmb of which 100rmb will be donated to the Hong Kong red cross Philippines Typhoon Relief.

From each ticket in the packet 5rmb goes towards the costs of the drink or food given by the venue. If any tickets are not used then 15 rmb (100%) will be donated.

Every venue that has performers listed is giving a donation to the fund instead of paying for the performers.

Please tell your friends, colleagues and partners, lets make this the best we can!

Hi Ariel

Thanks for your message, we would really like to get in touch with the Filipino Community here in Kunming to join in. Please if anyone has any friends in Kunming form the Philippines get the to PM me.


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