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So, anyone knows the bus frequency between Chuxiong and Heijing or Lufeng and Heijing?
I'm trying to get there from Dali / Xiaguan.

Also, there is GoKunming article about the different salt towns which includes Heijing and another place called Shiyang.
Has anyone been there and knows how to get there?


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Thank you for your answer HFCampo.

Do you know if there are buses from Xiaguan to Binchuan? Where should I take the bus?
Have you heard of these two villages

祥云县禾甸镇大营庄村 and 祥云县禾甸镇旧邑村?
There are on the 中国传统村落推荐名单... was wondering if they were worth a visit?

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Has anyone heard of the Confucian temple 文庙 and 武庙 of a Zoucheng township 州铖镇 in Binchuan County 宾川县.

I know there is Zhoucheng 周城 north of Dali, but I'm look for info about the Zhoucheng 州铖镇 in Binchuan.

Has anyone been there?

Thanks for your help.

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@HFCAMPO Lushi is about to change. I met students from Kunming who where there to do an extensive survey of the village. Their goal was to decide which houses were old enough to be protected.

The old temple at the bottom of the village was destroyed and is being 'renovated'.

Yet, it is an incredible place. If you want to go back to monitor change, go ASAP.

The last bus from Fengqing leaves by 1 PM.

Thank you for your help and info. You are a real wealth of information!


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The Swiss team that was involved in the Shaxi Rehabilition Project was not involved in the restoration of this temple near Shaxi. It's actually Chris Barclay (who provided the pictures for the article) who worked with local government and villagers to renovate and preserve this temple.


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