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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Going to Laos

Good morning, I've been trying to get info of the new location and tel number of the Lao Consulate in Kunming with no results in the las few days. Does anybody know the new number or the new address of the consulate? All the info I've found until now refer to the old consulate that was in East dong feng street and that's not there anymore.
Thanks in advance.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Tourist Visa's killing me softly

Exactly JanJal, anyway I was NOT applying with a company at first, but when they started to ask for the duly authorized invitation letter I had to contact a company to get it, but at the end the company was not able to provide that type of invitation letter for me.

The problem is that since I'm a student, they're afraid that I won't come back ( this is what they told me) and somehow the duly authorized invitation letter can guarantee that I'm coming back (i don't know how... ). the point is that i just want to get back to kunming pack some things that i left there greet my friends and come back but without this letter I can't!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Tourist Visa's killing me softly

I live in Italy and I do work and study here but the fact is that since I'm not holding an Italian passport but an african one (a nigerian one) they want me to get this duly authorized invitation letter that can be submitted only by companies etc. that have to request the form for the invitation letter at a municipality office in china and then send it to me filled and with the company stamp on it, it's really 麻烦. I've been to china several times and now they're making all this mess only because I'm going there by my own and not with a scholarship. I thought of paying for the invitation letter but till now the only price I've found for it is 3500 yuan... and 400 euros only for a letter are too much.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Tourist Visa's killing me softly

HI everyone, I'm going trough a lot of troubles to get a tourist visa in Italy (because I don't have an italian passport, I guess) and I need a Duly Authorized Invitation Letter to get the visa,
Does anybody know how/from who can I get one?

P.s I'm NOT applying for a business visa but the embassy wants me to have a duly authorized invitation letter anyway; an Invitation Letter it's not enough even if it is from a company and the company I was in touch with cannot provide a DAU for me.
I need Help!!!



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