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Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting a chinese driving license

Since this hasn't been updated in a few years, just thought I'd confirm that HFCAMPO's post is still pretty accurate, save a few changes:

Step 1 – Get translation of current license at The Translators Association of Yunnan Province - 云南翻译工作者协会 (2 Guo Fang Road - 国防路2). Cost is now only 30RMB for the translation. MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE A CHINESE NAME ON THE TRANSLATION.

The Online Quiz at is helpful, but some vital info is missing, like drunk driving costs 12 points, and speeding over 50% is also 12 points ... I spent quite a few hours condensing down the questions and answers into a semi-compact supplemental study guide, if anyone wants a copy feel free to message me about it.

Step 2 – Prepare items to bring when taking the test:

1. Drivers License (front and back) and Translated Drivers License, + Copies.
2. Passport with Current Visa Page and stamp of last entry, + copies of all pages.
3. Household Registration form + copy.
4. 4 Passport Photos.
5. 60 RMB for the exam.
6. 12 RMB for the physical.
7. 10 RMB for the license.

Step 3 – Where to go:

12 Jing Kai Road 经开路12
昆明市车管所 – Kunming Shi Che Guan Suo (Kunming Vehicle Management Station)

The office hours of the Kunmnig Cheguan Suo are 9a-11:30a and 1:30p-laterish.

Took the test today and passed the second time, you can take it twice in one day for just one fee; if you don't pass in one day you'll have to come back another day and pay the RMB 60 fee again.

Forums > Living in Kunming > New Website update feedback thread

i wish searching was easier. there seems to be no place to enter a search from the home page. am i required to go to search under a certain tab? i've resorted to searching in google with "go kunming" at the end to find directly to the page/thread i want.


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sometimes can be and yes definitely if you almost step on one! but also it's just simply cool to see this slinky neon green thing slithering across the forest floor. oh yeah, there are also all kinds of mushrooms growing about, too. it's straight out of final fantasy or avatar.

The Nizu Roadhouse is free to get to if you go via Luoji, but that road is not yet finished. If you go by bike/motorbike should be manageable, but not by car.

You will have to pay the ticket into Pudacuo if you want to get there by going through the park.

You can contact Kevin ( or the Gu Family for more up-to-date info: Gu Laoshi (teaching at Luoji school) 13988787040


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